Catching up

So, I’ve not posted in a while. I know that some folks got really interested in the Postcards from Indian Country Project.  This was really exciting to see.  It was exciting enough, that I am now working on turning the concept of the Postcards from Indian Country project into a book. That’s right, a publishingContinue reading “Catching up”


NPM seeks an experienced Federal Grant writer/consultant to develop a proposal for submission to the Broadband Technologies Opportunities Program (BTOP) administered by the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) of the U.S. Department of Commerce. BTOP GRANT PROPOSAL DUE BETWEEN: February 15 and March 15, 2010. Native Public Media: Mission: Strengthening and expanding the voiceContinue reading “NATIVE PUBLIC MEDIA (NPM) SEEKS BTOP PROJECT FEDERAL GRANTS CONSULTANT”

Prepping the Manuscript for Submission

This is the final week of manuscript preparations on the Native American Voices textbook.  This week it is off to Prentice-Hall! It has been a lot of work and I am still knee deep in editing the art portion of the manuscript.  However, the hard copies of both the art manuscript and the entire manuscript,Continue reading “Prepping the Manuscript for Submission”

On Obama

“But will Obama ever be able to do enough to satisfy us all?” This is a very interesting statement. Anyone have any thoughts about this?  Check out the Newsweek article The Audacity of Hoping; that’s where this quote is from [clearspring_widget title=”Widget” wid=”47ed6adf5dd4b967″ pid=”497ba3bf3938a878″ width=”400″ height=”300″ domain=””]

Today’s Topic is Native Nation Building…

Today I am working on writing an introductory section of the Native Voices Text. It is on Tribal Sovereignty and Nation Building.  I just taught a class on this subject in the fall, so it is fresh in my mind. But, there is so much to say, I am having difficulty putting it into layman’sContinue reading “Today’s Topic is Native Nation Building…”