Catching up

So, I’ve not posted in a while. I know that some folks got really interested in the Postcards from Indian Country Project.  This was really exciting to see.  It was exciting enough, that I am now working on turning the concept of the Postcards from Indian Country project into a book. That’s right, a publishingContinue reading “Catching up”

Thoughts on the Passing of Chickasaw Nation Ambassador Charles Blackwell

There have been just too many passing’s of late in Indian Country. I am reminded of how I felt when Vine Deloria and Wilma Mankiller walked on.  Who will take up the mantle for these Native elders that served our communities and the nation so well?  I was recently saddened to learn of Senator Inouye’sContinue reading “Thoughts on the Passing of Chickasaw Nation Ambassador Charles Blackwell”

At Buffalo Bill’s Gravesite

As part of my Postcards from Indian Territory series, on November 5th, I published the story Buffalo Bill Visits Indian Territory. Here I speculated, that because I’d found a historic postcard from the 1920s of Buffalo Bill, that my great-grandparents, Eula and Frank Morris Jr., had been a fan and seen his show. Furthermore, IContinue reading “At Buffalo Bill’s Gravesite”

Going “Home” to Chickasaw

I love working in Indian Country, but nothing feels like working in Chickasaw Country.  Last week, I was invited to Ada, Oklahoma to speak in the Chickasaw Clemente Course at East Central University on Crossing the Digital and Media Divide in Indian Country. This is one of my areas of specialty and I’ve spoken allContinue reading “Going “Home” to Chickasaw”

Buffalo Bill Visits Indian Territory

As a scholar of American Indian Studies, I specialized in images and representations of American Indians.  I used to regularly teach a class on Images of Indians and I always included a segment on Buffalo Bill or Col. William F. Cody.  I’m not sure why I was always fascinated by him; maybe because I’m fromContinue reading “Buffalo Bill Visits Indian Territory”

“Whether I love thee, ask this flower.”

In my second story in the Postcards from Indian Country Project, I’ll start at the beginning.  As I said, I received a collection of postcards that belonged to and were saved by my great-grandmother.   I’ve become absolutely entranced by these postcards. My great-grandmother is Eula Maulsey Holder Morris and these postcards were sent to herContinue reading ““Whether I love thee, ask this flower.””

Greetings from Ardmore, Okla

I had dinner with my Dad last night and we were talking about my upcoming trip to Chickasaw Nation, where I’ll be presenting a lecture.  I asked him if he wanted me to look up anything at the Chickasaw Cultural Center, which is a genealogy center.  My Dad has done significant genealogical research into ourContinue reading “Greetings from Ardmore, Okla”

Lowak Sho’li: Carry the Fire Chickasaw Native Humanities Forum

The Chickasaw Nation Division of Arts and Humanities in collaboration with the Oklahoma Humanities Council announces the Lowak Sho’li  “Carry the Fire” Native Humanities Forum on Thursday, Oct. 25 at 6 p.m., in the arts and humanities building at 201 N. Broadway in Ada, OK. There will be a special reception to meet the scholarsContinue reading “Lowak Sho’li: Carry the Fire Chickasaw Native Humanities Forum”

Institute of American Indian Arts Celebrating a 50 Year Legacy

The Institute of American Indian Arts (IAIA) in Santa Fe, NM is celebrating 50 years! IAIA is an institution of excellence in Indian Country.  With a fascinating history (checkout the timeline), IAIA’s influence on Native American art cannot be underestimated. Personally, while never a student of the school, I have written and published about IAIA,Continue reading “Institute of American Indian Arts Celebrating a 50 Year Legacy”

World Indigenous Peoples Day: 2012 Theme: “Indigenous Media, Empowering Indigenous Voices”

As someone who works in Native media, advocating for Native American media makers, writing curriculum for and training Native American media makers, I am excited to see there is worldwide support for the work we do everyday.  Today is World Indigenous Peoples Day and this year’s spotlight is on indigenous media – television, radio, film, andContinue reading “World Indigenous Peoples Day: 2012 Theme: “Indigenous Media, Empowering Indigenous Voices””