At Buffalo Bill’s Gravesite

As part of my Postcards from Indian Territory series, on November 5th, I published the story Buffalo Bill Visits Indian Territory. Here I speculated, that because I’d found a historic postcard from the 1920s of Buffalo Bill, that my great-grandparents, Eula and Frank Morris Jr., had been a fan and seen his show. Furthermore, I believed that they had bought the postcard after they moved to Colorado in the early 1920s.  See Quote below:

A quick check of the Buffalo Bill schedule shows that The Wild West Show played in Chickasha, Oklahoma in

Buffalo Bill’s Gravesite circa 1920s

September 1912 (they lived there then) and Amarillo, Texas in October 1915 (they lived there then).  So perhaps when Eula and Frank (William F—coincidence?) moved to Colorado they went to see the gravesite where they bought the postcard after having seen the Wild West Shows. I know this is pure speculation, but it could be the case.

It seems, my speculation was correct.  Recently, as part of my research on the Postcards Project, I have been going through and cataloging family documents and photos.  So imagine my surprise and delight in finding a photo, in the original photo album belonging to Eula and Frank Morris Jr., of the Buffalo Bill grave in Colorado from the 1920s! What an exciting find! Here’s the photo.

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