“Whether I love thee, ask this flower.”


In my second story in the Postcards from Indian Country Project, I’ll start at the beginning.  As I said, I received a collection of postcards that belonged to and were saved by my great-grandmother.   I’ve become absolutely entranced by these postcards.

My great-grandmother is Eula Maulsey Holder Morris and these postcards were sent to her over a range of years between 1907 and about 1935.  Most of the large selection of cards date from 1907-1912 and were sent to either Chickasha Indian Territory (Oklahoma now) and I know this because they are postmarked.

For this post, I thought I’d start with background information about my great-grandmother and then I thought I would pick a postcard to accompany the post.  So, I looked up her demographic info from my Dad’s genealogy report and noticed here wedding date to my great-grandfather William Franklin Morris Jr. was September of 1907.  Interestingly, the first postcard I picked out was dated 1907. I thought “ok, this will go nicely with my story.”

Postcards from Indian Country

This postcard was sent before their wedding and dated Sept. 7th, 1907

When I looked at the front side, I saw a drawing of a couple; the man on his knee with a flower. Written on the two figures depicted were “Eula” and “Frank.”  WOW!  I looked again at the

Frank & Eula in love

postmark on the other side; it was dated September 7th, 1907. The only text written on the card is “Miss Eula Holder, Chickasha.” Evidently, he sent the postcard before they were married.


Frank & Eula in their later years

Eula and Frank were married in Holder, Love County, and Indian Territory. This place does not exist anymore. Holder is gone, Love County is part of Pickens County now, and Oklahoma became a state in 1907, the same year they were married.  Love Country was made up entirely of Chickasaw lands.


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