Greetings from Ardmore, Okla

I had dinner with my Dad last night and we were talking about my upcoming trip to Chickasaw Nation, where I’ll be presenting a lecture.  I asked him if he wanted me to look up anything at the Chickasaw Cultural Center, which is a genealogy center.  My Dad has done significant genealogical research into our family history. As an academic, I’ve always been amazed at the complexity and thoroughness of his genealogy research.  I thought maybe while I was in Chickasaw, I could find out something paltry to supplement his work.

Vintage Postcards from Chickasaw, Indian Territory

Much to my surprise he pulled out a box of postcards to show me. I didn’t think much about them really. It is a large stack all dated from the time before allotment in Oklahoma.  I think he wanted me to donate some.  I thought this was a good idea, then I saw it—Greetings from Ardmore, OKLA—postcard.   I wanted to know who had written it and where it came from.  As I started looking at the postcards, I saw that many were from as early as 1907 and they were addressed to Chickasaw, I.T. or Chickasaw, Indian Territory.  I began to wonder what the story behind the cards was and to read them.

Vintage postcards

This postcard inspired the Postcard Project and this blog series

So, I’ve decided to explore these postcards. I’m going to document and photograph them and speculate a bit in my blog.  I hope you enjoy the narrative.  I’ll also take the cards with me on my trip to Chickasaw Nation in two weeks and see what happens there.

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