Tribal lands and the FCC White Spaces Order

Yesterday the FCC released its final decision on White Spaces (9/23/2010). The approved a proposal opens vast amounts of unused broadcast television airwaves for high-speed wireless broadband networks and other unlicensed applications.

Below are Selected quotes from Matthew Rantanan at the Southern California Tribal Digital Village.

“White Spaces Spectrum is going to finally be released to use for unlicensed. The Unanimous vote (5-0) in 2008 got the ball rolling with all of our hard efforts, and now another vote on how to govern the spectrum is pretty much a victory. It lets us use this invaluable airspace to get Internet to tribal homes in remote, geographically impossible to reach situations. All those folks on reservations like Campo, Santa Ysabel, Mesa Grande(SY Tract II), they all now have technology that will broadcast through trees and spread out areas that are nightmarish to hit with traditional unlicensed spectrum.

I’m very happy that the work that TDV has done has gotten noticed and even mentioned by one of the commissioners in their official statement about the spectrum decision.
All that hard work pays off.

Here is the press release that announces the decision.

Here is Commissioner Mignon Clyburn’s Official statement that includes mention of Tribal Digital Village in the second paragraph.
(This is directly from our “petition for reconsideration” and the meeting I attended in DC at the Commission where we discussed this with all 5 commissioners.

Congratulations to all community wireless networks out there and especially tribes, this is a big step!”

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