Native American Voices: A Reader Released: Chickasaw Scholar is Editor and Writer

Native American Voices: A Reader, 3rd Edition, published by Pearson-Prentice Hall, is now available through the publisher and on Amazon.  Traci L Morris, a Chickasaw scholar and educator, is one of three editors on this edition, including Susan Lobo and Steve Talbot. Morris is also an author of numerous entries in the reader.

This 3rd Edition is significantly updated and appropriate for lower level college courses in American Indian Studies, Anthropology, and Ethnic Studies.  It is also very accessible for the general reader.    Native American Voices: A Reader has been extensively revised to reflect the most contemporary thought and scholarship regarding Native themes and issues.

Voices is exactly what the title indicates, a selection of readings by various Native American educators, authors, scholars, elders and community members.  The topics range from history to NAGPRA, from the environment to economic development, from art to nation building.

Included in this comprehensive revision of entire book includes three new parts added to the revised original 10 parts: Native Representations: Media and the Arts; Nation Building and Sustainable Development; and Urbanism: Ancient and Contemporary. The expanded appendices include a comprehensive list of internet resources, Indigenous Peoples’ organizations, and educational institutions. New informative boxes are scattered throughout the book give quick reference to essential facts and statistics, events, and people.  Numerous new Native works of poetry and art have been added that demonstrate contemporary Indian vision and creativity.

If you would like more information, please contact Traci L. Morris. The book can be ordered from Pearson-Prentice Hall and Amazon. Please contact the publisher for desk copies.

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